Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Grand Plans

So I have grand plans for this blog -- to record our day to day activities, to share our traveling adventures (near and far), and to marvel over the serendipity that fills our lives.

But, the guinea pig died this week. And one of our cats died last week. And then the 3 year-old came down with pneumonia. Force-feeding antibiotics down my daughter's throat -- a child who has not had one drop of medicine during her entire 36-month existence -- is not a good time. No way, no how. And now the 8 year old is hacking up a lung...we're on the pneumonia watch with him.

Serendipity is not at play in our household this week...and neither is our usual, jam-packed days. I remain hopeful, however, that things can only get better. Right?

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