Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Breakfast Bags

We thought this was a great, easy opportunity for kids to get involved in a community service project. The Ronald McDonald house in Minneapolis collects donations of breakfast bags for families living at the house. Oftentimes, parents are in a hurry to return to the hospital and don't make time to fix breakfast in the RMH kitchen. Breakfast bags can be donated and can contain something as simple as a granola bar.

After talking about the many services the Ronald McDonald house provides and sharing different scenarios of people who might utilize the services of RMH (i.e. families from far away with no place to stay or money to afford a costly hotel; families with other children who can take advantage of the discounted rooms but also the other services, such as the RMH school, etc.) we broke out the paper lunch sacks and markers and started decorating our bags.

Each kid brought in a couple of dollars worth of portable breakfast foods -- granola bars, Pop Tarts, instant oatmeal cups, fruit cups, etc. -- and after decorating the bags with uplifting drawings and messages, we filled them with the donated goodies.

We managed to fill 25 bags and will deliver them later this week. Imagine how different these families mornings will be, just by providing a simple, heartfelt message.

Cool, huh?

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